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some specific marching band au tropes b/c there needs to be more of these

  • passed out on the first day of summer marching camp and woke up to you AU
  • fell asleep on you on the bus back from competition AU
  • left my flip folder at home so i have to keep looking over your shoulder to…


college aus that i’ve encountered already:

you almost hit me with your car au “yes i was jay-walking but the pedestrian ALWAYS has the right-of-way!”

i’m alone at the dining hall and scared to sit alone can i please sit here? au “oh thank god, i thought i was gonna look like…

"Being loved is overwhelming. You’re always left thinking “Why me?” And “Why not her?”"
-Unknown (via xexpiredx)






never microwave a caprisun

what did you do

i microwaved a caprisun

following back  

i’m going to microwave you next

Umm i dont wanna be microwaved


innocent looking girls that are secretly kinky as fuck are girls worth living for


if your snapchat stories last over 100 seconds you have too much time on your hands

"We could’ve, should’ve, would’ve, but didn’t."